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I am from the North East. I have a degree in Criminal Justice with an associates in Substance Abuse Counseling from Lake Superior State University.

I am happily married to my best friend Mike. I never wanted kids of my own, but ended up being a step mom to two amazing kids and couldn't be happier about it.

I consider myself a Wiccan with some Native American and Buddist Beliefs. I am all about Live and Let Live when it comes to Spiritual and Religious beliefs. I expect the same from others. If I get preached at or told I am going to Hell for my beliefs you will see the back of my head faster than you can say Hell.

I love animals. Can't watch Animal Planet because it upsets me too much. I really try to be an upbeat and positive person, but piss me off and my Scorpio tendencies will come at you and fast. I will leave you asking WTF just happened?

Basically I am happy to be here and meet so many great friends on the Vine!